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Table Talk with Mike and Angela

Rev. Mike Holly and Rev. Angela Martin

Table Talk with Mike and Angela
29 min2020 OCT 1
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Breathe- The Bible in 10 Words‘ – S01E04 of Table Talk with Mike and Angela

Welcome to the Table Talk with Mike and Angela podcast. We’re pastors Mike Holly and Angela Martin and we want to help you understand more about the Bible, faith, and living a faithful life.  In each episode of Table Talk, we sit down for a conversation about a wide range of topics. We often invite other staff members at Bluff Park UMC to join in.  Listen in and experience God in new ways and take those important next steps that help us all weave together a life of faith and service!

Episode 4: Breathe

During our first season, Mike and Angela team up to look at ten words from the first three chapters of Genesis and how they track through the entire Bible.  Guided by the book “The Bible in 10 Words” by author Deron Spoo, we look at the power of these ten different words and how they are woven throughout Scripture to help us understand what God has done and will continue to do in order to bring our world back into a right relationship with Him.   In this episode, Mike and Angela introduce us to the word “breathe” and how it shows up throughout Scripture.  It can relate to God’s Spirit or to  the way that God breathes life into Adam in Genesis.  They help unpack what it means for us to make every breath count while at the same time thinking about how we can allow God to breathe hope and joy into our lives regularly.