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The Christian Habits Podcast

Barb Raveling

The Christian Habits Podcast
31 min2020 JUN 30
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Have you ever been hurt by prejudice? Or have you watched others dealing with prejudice and wondered how you can help? On today’s episode of the Christian Habits Podcast, I visit with my friend Ngina Otiende about how to heal and help.

Ngina and her husband moved to the United States from Kenya nine years ago, so they’ve experienced life as both a majority and a minority. On the podcast, we’ll visit about some of the differences between living life as a majority and a minority, plus talk about some ideas for how to help build unity.

Resources We Talked About on the Podcast

* Ngina’s blog: IntentionalToday.com

* Unashamed and Free Podcast

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Ngina Otiende is a Certified Marriage Breakthrough Coach, author, and blogger. Ngina helps newlywed wives navigate the early years of marriage at IntentionalToday.com.