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The Christian Habits Podcast

Barb Raveling

The Christian Habits Podcast
12 min2020 MAR 22
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Earlier this week, I was sitting at a restaurant in the Denver airport having a cup of coffee and journaling. I’d already sanitized my hands, checked the news for Montana (6 cases), and was wondering if I should sanitize my hands again since I’d just picked up the cream pitcher to pour cream in my coffee. As I took all these unusual precautions, I thought of you guys and wondered, How are you doing with coronavirus anxiety?

Are you in a frenzy? Taking precautions but not super anxious? Or are you blowing the whole thing off and living life as usual?

No matter which camp you fall into, we’re all affected by Covid-19. Either we’re in immediate danger of the virus itself, someone we love is in danger, or we’re affected by all the closures.

It’s no longer life as usual.

On today’s episode of the Christian Habits Podcast, we’ll be talking about six tips for letting go of coronavirus anxiety, stress, and boredom. These are the tips we’ll be discussing:

6 Tips to Ease Coronavirus Anxiety, Stress, Fear, and Boredom

(We’ll go into these more in depth on the podcast. Scroll down to see how to listen to the podcast.)

* Stay away from the news as much as possible (at least if you tend to be a worrier).

* Visit with God about the things you read.

* Renew when necessary.

* Plan your day.

* Place your trust in God–not fun, safety, health, or being in control.

* Every time you catch yourself being worried, bored, or stressed, pray for the person you’re worried about, thank God for five different things, or do something for someone who needs help.

Facebook Live

I’ll also be doing 3-5 minute Facebook lives for the next few weeks on Monday through Friday (and maybe Saturday) beginning Monday, March 23 at 11:00 EST. You can find these on my Facebook author page.

I think if you click the like and follow button, notices of these FB lives will appear in your notifications (you can turn the notifications off if you don’t want to be notified). You can also catch the replay of these later by going to my Facebook page and looking in the posts for that day or clicking on videos on that page.

During the FB Lives, we’ll be going through Philippians and discussing things like:

* Finding peace in the midst of chaos

* Not beating ourselves up when we’re not handling things well

* Persevering (and tips) for handling things better

* Loving each other

* Growth vs. grumpy

* Getting along with each other in close quarters (both in parenting and marriage)

* How to stop coping with food and internet

* How new trials such as coronavirus quarantine and potential illness affect our walk with God, our attitude, and our habits

* An antidote to worry

* How to dwell on the good

Free Coaching and Daily Challenges

At the beginning of each Facebook Live, I’ll let you know if I have any openings for coaching that day – and then you can leave a comment on the video if you’d like to coach. These coaching calls can be used for help with things like marriage, parenting, fear, anxiety, and procrastination. (I won’t be doing any weight loss coaching during those calls.) I’ll probably only have 5-6 openings each week but I’m hoping I can help a few of you at least.

I’ll also include a daily challenge at the end of each Facebook Live based on the topic for that day. Hope to see you Monday morning on Facebook!

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