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63 MIN2019 APR 2
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Have you noticed how few people are willing to oppose publically the transgender agenda, no matter how dangerous to young mind—not to mention to the suffering people who go through with the mutilation surgery?

Oh, many people will privately object, and tutt tutt their disapproval.

British journalist and writer Caroline Farrow knows all about the first option. The Catholic wife and mother of five young kids appeared on ITV’s  “Good Morning Britain” in September 2018, and used the Wrong Pronoun for the son of trans activist activist Susie Green, with whom Farrow was debating. The son was born Jack, a male, and subjected to the mutilation procedure on his 16th birthday in that bastion of high tech surgery, Thailand, and now goes by Jackie. Soon after, she described the situation as child abuse and the procedure in correct medical terminology on Twitter.

That’s why the Surrey Police called her recently with concerrrrrrrrrns.

She was “invited” to have a “voluntary” meeting with law enforcement after Ms. Green sicced them on her, scouring the internet for No Good Bad Things she may have said.  All for using words on television and Twitter felt to be hurtful and offensive.

Monty Python, meet George Orwell. Caroline Farrow’s story is of a piece with my first interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson back in February, 2017, on compelled speech. In some ways, Peterson is the theory, Farrow the practice.

If you do an online search, the MSM routinely slaps together unflattering photos of the attractive Mrs. Farrow, label her a “devout Catholic” (in the tone of racists when they say “colored woman”), and invariably describe her comments as “transphobic.” Her story is, inter alia, an invitation for Catholics and other men of good will to find their courage and stand up to the new onslaught against free speech and religious freedom.


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