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THWC Podcast


THWC Podcast
14 min2019 OCT 9
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SEASON 1: EPISODE 26: Roots That Last ft. Caleb Barrows (Part 3 of 6)

(Series: Church Planting)

TANDEM HOPE WORSHIP COLLECTIVE is excited to begin a new series simply titled, Church Planting with our host, Leisha Cole. Starting off as our first guest is beloved friend, Church Planter, Pastor and Ohio-native: Caleb Barrows. In today’s episode, we take a break from the interview to hear an exhortation from Leisha Cole to help point us back to Jesus. There is no one you want more on your church planting team than God, Himself! Teaching The Word of God and sharing and living out the Gospel MUST be a PRIORITY while church planting! What gets in the way of a healthy church plant? Our self-centered ambition and expectations—and from that posture of heart, we often disengage from the reality that we NEED God in this process. Caring for The Flock is the heart of Jesus. The heart of Jesus NEEDS to be our True North in church planting. This is a reflective episode—a chance to go deeper in speaking with The Holy Spirit about your heart in church planting. Jesus builds The Church. Without Him, our church plant is built upon sinking sand and a crumbling cornerstone. We hope and pray that you’ll be blessed by this special episode!

God bless!