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Trinity Fremont


Trinity Fremont
44 minAUG 27
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The gospels call us to die to ourselves so that we can live for Jesus. The epistles show us what living for Jesus looks like. We are called to be different. Jesus and Paul encourage us to get used to different. How is your family different?But it’s not just about being different to be different. We are called to be different for Jesus. So that others might see us and wonder why we have the hope that we have.If you didn't hear this past Sunday's Sermon, you can listen to it here: https://bit.ly/32taE8VWe'd love to hear your responses to the following thoughts. Send your responses to trinityfremontpodcast@gmail.comWhat makes you and your family different?Do you like Mounds and Almond Joy and if so, which do you prefer?Which “But… People” did you think sound the best?Send in clips of you and your family saying “But… People.”What are your starting points for this week?