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Trinity Fremont


Trinity Fremont
51 minSEP 3
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Pew Talk: Episode 11 - Binge Reading the Bible Part 7The book of Revelation is filled with signs and symbols that are all filled with insider information. It points to this tension between the pull of the world and the way that God calls His people to live.Do you feel that pull? How do you fight against that tension? Join us as we talk through that tension.If you didn't hear this past Sunday's Sermon, you can listen to it here: https://bit.ly/2DpahDOWe'd love to hear your responses to the following thoughts. Send your responses to trinityfremontpodcast@gmail.comiPhone or Android?What were/are your nicknames?What's your favorite 90's movie?How do you fight against the tension between the world and how God calls you to live?