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Trinity Fremont


Trinity Fremont
47 minSEP 17
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KaVoD (Not COVID). It means to be weighty, to take up space. In other words, deserving of honor and respect. In Malachi 2, God asks “Where is my honor?” He asks us the same question today. Do we give God the honor that He deserves as the author and creator of all that ever was and is and is to come? Or do we give Him whatever is leftover?If you didn't hear this past Sunday's Sermon, you can listen to it here: https://bit.ly/3mtak3cWe'd love to hear your responses to the following thoughts. Send your responses to trinityfremontpodcast@gmail.comWhat do you think about leftovers?What are your starting points for putting God in a place of KaVoD this week?How is God messing with you this week?