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Word for the Week

Pete Stone

Word for the Week
31 minMAY 15
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There is a fascinating dimension in the mind that has incredible power to determine how we perform—in our professional and in our personal lives. That space is the sweet spot where Dr. Mary Rose Blank loves to operate. Mary Rose (or “M.R.” as her clients affectionately call her) is a mental performance coach specializing in sport and performance psychology. Her passion for excellence fuels her work with professional athletes and warriors to optimize their performance. I always enjoy sharing conversations with her exploring the space where mind, body and soul overlaps. In this conversation, M.R. shares her 3 thoughts on the current crisis challenging us today. You can check her out at: www.tier1mindset.com. Here are her “3 thoughts." Enjoy!

  1. Perception of the situation
  2. Be mindful of our sphere of influence—Controlling what you can control (what you can control, what you can influence, what is outside your control)
  3. Work-life balance—pause to recover

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