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Mockery Manor

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Mockery Manor
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Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ is caught in the park after hours by Manager Norton, but fools him into thinking she's Bette - her twin sister. Meanwhile Parker investigates a high-pitched scream, and finds a terrified Matty cowering in a supply cupboard, having seen "a big cat". Parker leaves him, laughing, and bumps into Emma, who has Sonia's bracelet in her possession (which everyone thinks JJ has stolen) and he takes it from her. Parker then realises Matty is right: Winnie, a cougar kept by Margot in secret, has escaped. Parker tracks Winnie to the Heart of Darkness ride, and finds her eating the body of Nick, the caretaker. Horrified, Parker calls Jenkins, whose suspicions are now confirmed. People are being murdered in the park... again.
In this episode: the park is now open! A frustrated JJ is determined to get some answers... and more blood is shed.
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