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Mockery Manor

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Mockery Manor
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CW: Violence, child abuse descriptions

Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ hatches a plan to help Bette escape the park and evade the police, after learning that she has killed Norton. Bette reveals that she is familiar with the park's underground tunnels, and they decide to hide there until nightfall. However, they meet Parker in the tunnels, and JJ brings him in on the plan - much to Bette's concern. Meanwhile, Margot's mother Dorothy has appeared, and Jenkins explains that Janet (Dorothy's daughter, Margot's sister and the twins' aunt) is the latest in a series of murders at the park, which appear to be connected. Back in the tunnels, Bette recognises Norton with his arm around Janet in the old photo, and Parker agrees to cover for the twins to allow Bette to escape. He lies to the police - but his cover story accidentally incriminates JJ in the recent murder of her ex-boyfriend Graham.

In this episode: the police continue to hunt for the twins, tensions rise between JJ, Bette and Parker, and Dorothy tells JJ a story...

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