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The Squib

Cody Owen

The Squib
23 min2019 OCT 17
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Greetings and well-met, adventurers! On this episode of The Squib, we are diving into the wide-world of nerd - we’ve got the gross AF soundboard to set the mood, a magical vacuum to suck up game night detritus, and EVERYthing in between. Put on your boots and your elven cloak of wind-walking because we’re playing D & D.

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Syrinscape (not really, pls don’t sue us)

Our cast of sweaty tavernkeeps:

Hank Gowdey

Chad Halbrook

CJ Landry

Josh Irick

Olivia Pascal

Robert Chapa

Michelle Rose Domb

Becca Spencer

Cameron Alexander

Shahyan Jahani