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Good Morning To You


Good Morning To You
1 min2020 JUL 24
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How do you sleep?  Probably pretty boringly compared to Keith.  You sleep in a bed?  Yeah, so does Keith, but that's where the similarities end between Keith and you. Keith is the kind of guy that has the energy of a 6 year old boy who just snorted one of those huge pixy sticks, but he has the talent and equipment to do something awesome with it.  Keith is the kind of guy that goes hard on everything.  I once saw him eat cereal with canoe paddle because the spoon wasn't fast enough.  I heard a story that he got pissed off a mountain because it wasn't sleep enough and then an earth quake happened, dude made the earth quiver.  He walks up ski mountains just to go back down them and end where he started, how's that for a treadmill for you?  Do you do flips all summer on your wake board?  Maybe, I don't know you, but I know Keith does!  Geesh catch up would ya.  He says GOOD MORNING!


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