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The Comical Heathen Podcast


The Comical Heathen Podcast
52 min2019 SEP 3
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Today’s weird and wonderful odyssey takes me to meet Dr. Peter McGraw, author of The Humor Code and host of the podcast I’m Not Joking. Director of the Humor Research Lab, McGraw is very influential in the field of comedy studies, in particular for the theory of Benign Violation! All of this will be explained—if you listen to the podcast!! As an influential humor researcher, Prof McGraw’s work is an important Lego block in my own research, and I was thrilled and delighted to speak with him.
This episode includes my rant about hypnotherapy, including a personal story of the time I was part of a stage hypnotist’s act, an important announcement about some upcoming live shows, and an update from the rabbit hutch!
The Humor Code website: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/our-communities/lance/correspondent/Couple-makes-printing-business-a-success-481947501.html
The Humor Research Lab: http://humorresearchlab.org/
Prof McGraw’s TEDx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysSgG5V-R3U
Prof McGraw’s podcast, I’m Not Joking: https://www.petermcgraw.org/im-not-joking-podcast/
Article on Hypnotherapist: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/our-communities/lance/correspondent/Hypnotherapist-helps-clients-make-changes-513349251.html
Same journalist, same woman, different “at-home” business, one year earlier: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/our-communities/lance/correspondent/Couple-makes-printing-business-a-success-481947501.html
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The Comical heathen Live Show press release: https://comicalheathen.podbean.com/p/live-shows-1567482285/
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