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Barely Serious

Galyn Nash

Barely Serious
105 min2020 OCT 2
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This week Galyn meets up with Alex Hooper! (@hooperhairpuff) 11 year comic, from Comedy Central, and 2020 AGT quarterfinalist! The boys talk about it all, from being #1 in Roast Battle, the ins and outs of America's Got Talent, going on the road for comedy, "tElL mE a JoKe" moments, to "is this permanent??" drug moments. (plus a lot more throughout this amazing 2 hour episode). Alex is one of the nicest/funniest people you will ever meet, and this is one of the best episodes of the podcast! Enjoy!

Alex Hooper's comedy album: "Hugs. Drugs. Pugs." available on all platforms.

host: @galynnash Guest: @hooperhairpuff