Chicano Shuffle

Chicano Shuffle

Chicano Shuffle
109 MIN2018 FEB. 13
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Today we are coming at you live from the East Los Angeles Art Walk! Well... kind of... pre-recorded live... close enough.

First things, first... We'd like to thank them for having us and thank all the chingon artist that were out there... plus let's not forget the people that rolled by... gracias!

It's was nice to get out of the cozy garage and mingle with the raza. We've have some of the usual shuffle pendejadas plus a few guests that jump in for chat. Us vatos had a great time and hope to do more live events in the future. Hopefully the raza is into it too.

By the way, this episode is definitely a doblado! Asi que agarrate! Might have got excited and went long... yeah.

Featured Guests:

Patrick Martinez from the East LA C.A.P.E (Formerly the East LA Comic-Con): http://eastlacape.com/     https://www.facebook.com/EastLACAPE/

Rick Escalante - Chingon Artist: https://www.instagram.com/rickstache0/     http://ricardoescalante0.wixsite.com/animation

And a few other surprise guests, including a very special guest that tells us a chingon story about a different type of truck.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


East LA Art Walk - https://www.facebook.com/EASTLAARTWALK/