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comedy4cast comedy podcast

Clinton Alvord

comedy4cast comedy podcast
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Color us amazed by this tourist attraction. If you enjoy purple, have we got a destination for you. It's par of today's Odd News story. Then, in one of the strangest bits yet, I explain how it all started. (Run time: 4:23) >> Get more information on Dog Days of Podcasting>>Become a comedy4castpatron with Patreon and get episodes before everyone else!>>Follow us onTwitter>>Become a fan and comment onFacebook or MeWe>> Follow us on Instagram>>Call the new phone line: (213) 290-4451>>Drop us anemail at podcast @ comedy4cast.com>> Not able to be a Patreon patron? Consider just buying Clinton some coffee>>And be sure to check out everything happening over atThe Topic is Trek, the other podcast Clinton does>> Certain sounds effects courtesy of freeSFX