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De-bros Debate Podcast

J.S. Delisi and Justin Delisi

De-bros Debate Podcast
57 min2017 OCT 30
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Episode 1.4: Worst Movie Ever.

Today's music-
“I'm Your Father” by Blue Milk Run: https://bluemilkrun.bandcamp.com/
“Rainbow Road” by Aaron J. Amendola (VstheUniverse): https://vstheuniverse.bandcamp.com/
“Welcome (Decayed Metropolis)” by Morfiouz: https://morfiouz.bandcamp.com/releases

All music used with the artist permission. If you have a band who you'd like to hear play on our podcast send an mp3 or a link to your bandcamp to debrosdebate@gmail.com!

Two brothers. One epic battle of wits. Who will win this round of Debros Debate? YOU DECIDE! Vote for the winner on Twitter @debrosdebate: https://twitter.com/debrosdebate Also vote for what we should debate next!

Logo Design-
The Arcade Viking: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAv6opNcXjCqqm0NFLTiiHQ

De-Bros on Twitter:
J.S. Delisi: @JSDelisi: https://twitter.com/JSDelisi
Justin Delisi: @ridiculigious: https://twitter.com/ridiculigious

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