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Ezcapades Podcast

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Ezcapades Podcast
52 MIN2017 OCT 5
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Ez interviews Melbourne comedian and SYN alumnus, Ben Volchok. Ben is the founder of sketch comedy group, Mudcrabs, and creator of comedy podcast, The Illustrious Fact Show. Ben has just finished his live radio play for Fringe Fest 2017 - Ben Volchok Presents... He dropped by the studio to hear about my "absolutely bananas" experiences with one woman in the State Library and a "single guy from Adelaide". Ben also (reluctantly) discusses a recent review of his show, and Ez gets fired up about it (Skip to 11m30s)1. The infamous review // Ez slams down terrible reviewers2. Ez and the crazy lady incident (feat. proofreading emails, a disgrutled housemate and an inexplicable tale) You will NOT believe your ears. (25min)3. Ez and the Single Guy from Adelaide - Will we find him??Part two will be coming your way very soon, but for now enjoy two absurd stories and one, long rant. If you're enjoying the pod, subscribe! I'm working on a few special things for you right now, so stay tuned. Feel free to dm me, I'd love to hear your own ezcapades too! Also, in the world of music, you should check out HARE SQUEAD - I'm obsessed.