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Friends And Girls

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Friends And Girls
58 minMAY 29
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For our second season premiere here at Friend and Girls, we wanted to bring out the big guns. What is an album that has made an indelible imprint on pop punk and Emo since the turn of the century? What band revolutionized the So-Cal sound, so precious to our teenage years? How many scatological puns CAN you cram into one record? These burning queries and more brought us to the only logical choice for our big comeback episode: Enema of the State by those merry pranksters of pop punk, Blink-182!

From their humble beginnings in suburban San Diego to topping the charts next to Britney and *NSYNC, Mark, Tom and Travis’ breakout was unlike anything punk had ever seen, and frankly, has seen since. Join us as we discuss how they made it big (get it?) and changed the game forever.

This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio. Big thanks to RØDE for the sponsored equipment!

Please send your emo-est stories and concerns to friendsandgirlspod@gmail.com and while you’re at it, a donation of any sort would be much appreciated, the link is PayPal.me/bearradio - all donors will receive a loving shoutout!

Hosts: Jill Beytin & Cameron Cook

Cover: Edward Heinrich

Theme Song: Antonino Tumminelli