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Friends And Girls

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Friends And Girls
60 minJUN 12
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There are many crown princes of emo—Pete Wentz, Gerard Way, the realtor who let Sunny Day Real Estate keep their name—but there is only one man who, as the kids say these days, is on some king shit. That’s right, this week on Friends and Girls we take a long, hard look at Connor Oberst, aka Bright Eyes, and more specifically his 2003 absolute banger of an album, Lifted. Have you ever cried in the shower while listening to a grown man’s voice crack like he’s asking his 8th grade girlfriend to junior prom? Then let us tell you, this episode will take you to that place, and beyond. In a nearly flawless discography, Lifted is rightfully regarded as Oberst’s most enduring calling card. Join us in dissecting why.

Hosts: Jill Beytin & Cameron Cook

Cover: Edward Heinrich

Theme Song: Antonino Tumminelli