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I Apologize In Advance

Katie Canavan & Aaron Hess

I Apologize In Advance
78 min2015 NOV 19
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David recounts a profound experience when he crashed into another damaged human being in one intense, disorienting evening full of honesty and realness.  Aaron and Katie welcome a special guest (and actual relationship expert) Erica onto the podcast to lend a hand with some of the big issues this week.  Aaron experiences a four-way missed connection, and Katie discusses her FIRST Tinder date!

secret NHL game
Our Guest, Erica:  Couple & Family Therapist!
non-mandatory identity and orientation
Because #Bukowski did it once
Trouble Magnet
Substance issues
parent wallet photos
Drunk Date Warp Whistle
secret alcoholic messes
“we are past Pinkberry”
street harassment
for weirdos only
gotta smooch’m all