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I Apologize In Advance

Katie Canavan & Aaron Hess

I Apologize In Advance
35 min2015 DEC 30
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In this very special fun-sized New Year's Triple-sode we are escaping 2015 by giving you guys three stories that weren't quite thick enough for a whole episode, but are awesome nonetheless.  Linette gets busy with an arrogant guy that is perhaps overcompensating, Margaret freaks at her very first romantic exchange, an Kiki discovers the kinkiest activity ever.

tiny penis problems
beard to genitals application calculus
if Radiolab said it, then we know it’s true
5th grade valentine’s day cards
childhood romance terror
“dominant” guys who are really just assholes
sexy bald stunt guy
Rachel and Robert
“normaling” a la 30 Rock
the “danger” in kink behavior coming from emotional intensity rather than the physical
#SPLA:  Sex Positive LA
Orpheus Black
making a list of 17 sexy things that you want to do in the next year
butt plugs all day
what roleplay are you into?
roll a natural 20, and somebody’s getting pegged
make a list, and make a damn game