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Jeremy Brint

Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast
41 min2018 MAR 8
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Jack Jackson is still on break between seasons one and two but in the meantime you get to enjoy a few special episodes recorded over a year ago and never released.

Jack Jackson takes a break from being hard boiled to take his flame of the week out to a fancy dinner, but when things turn dire can he hold the attention of the famous runway model Suzy Q AND solve a murder at the same time?

Find out in this Culinary Crime packed episode of JACK JACKSON!

* Jeremy Brint - Jack Jackson, PI.
* Sarah Henshaw - Sally "Kitty" Kitsworth, Misc. Voices
* Seth Dyte - Misc. Voices
* Kameron Schmid - Rube Goldberg, Misc. Voices
* Ryan King - Peter, Misc. Voices
* Chris Crotty - Narrator, Sound Effects, Misc. Voices

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