Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast

Jeremy Brint

Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast
38 min2017 NOV 9
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Gary Weston, Winner of Improvivor 2017, A improv X survivor mash up. Gary preforms regularly with CSz Sacramento as a member of the minor league.

Jack Jackson, 1950s noir detective and his secretary Kitty Kitsworth tackle their toughest case yet.

After Jack Discovered the cult calling themselves the clocks, and only barely managing to escape from their mansion with his life the mayor gave him a direct order to suss out what this nefarious group is up too... But he can't do it alone.

He'd have to team up... With his arch nemesis the super criminal Rube Goldberg. It was a dangerous situation but perhaps our hero can learn something about the motives of Dock City's nefarious king of crime!

* Jeremy Brint - Jack Jackson, PI.
* Sarah Henshaw - Sally "Kitty" Kitsworth, Misc. Voices
* Seth Dyte - Misc. Voices
* Kameron Schmid - Rube Goldberg, Misc. Voices
* Ryan King - Peter, Misc. Voices
* Chris Crotty - Narrator, Sound Effects, Misc. Voices

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