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Jeremy Brint

Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast
47 min2017 DEC 14
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Jack and Kitty take some time off. Boarding the Egyptian princess, a cruse ship headed up to Canada. But crime follows Jack and he is stunned when he finds out from illustrious billionaire Marbel Moneypockets tells him the main showpiece of the ship's showroom collection and the mummy for which the ship gets its name has gone missing!

* Jeremy Brint - Jack Jackson, PI.
* Sarah Henshaw - Sally "Kitty" Kitsworth, Misc. Voices
* Seth Dyte - Misc. Voices
* Kameron Schmid - Rube Goldberg, Misc. Voices
* Ryan King - Peter, Misc. Voices
* Chris Crotty - Narrator, Sound Effects, Misc. Voices

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