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Jeremy Brint

Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast
48 min2018 JAN 25
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A very special episode, If you haven't listened to the previous episodes be sure to go back and listen before this one.

Jack Jackson, Private detective of dock city. Flawed hero and his paragon partner Sally Kitsworth are in more trouble than has ever been seen by 1950s detectives before. 

Using contacts and devices collected over the last two years Jack's arch nemesis Rube Goldberg makes his final and biggest move. Stealing... The entire USA. Naming himself super president after Jack turned himself over to barter for his son Jack Jackson JR's freedom. 

But locked away, who will rise to save dock city and the country? How will jack escape? Well find out in this, truly... 

Jack's Toughest Case Yet.

* Jeremy Brint - Jack Jackson, PI.
* Sarah Henshaw - Sally "Kitty" Kitsworth, Misc. Voices
* Seth Dyte - Misc. Voices
* Kameron Schmid - Rube Goldberg, Misc. Voices
* Ryan King - Peter, Misc. Voices
* Chris Crotty - Narrator, Sound Effects, Misc. Voices

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