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Jeremy Brint

Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast
35 min2018 JUL 26
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After he freed all of the United States from the Evil Rube Goldberg's mind control device Jack and his arch Nemesis were locked in a final clash soaring high above Washington D.C. But right when he was sure he finally saved the day for good...

Rube pulled the ultimate. final. crime.
Blowing Jack and himself up.

When Jack Arose he found himself a stranger in a strange land With only one way home...

* Jeremy Brint - Jack Jackson, PI.
* Sarah Henshaw - Sally "Kitty" Kitsworth, Misc. Voices
* Seth Dyte - Misc. Voices
* Kameron Schmid - Rube Goldberg, Misc. Voices
* Ryan King - Peter, Misc. Voices
* Chris Crotty - Narrator, Sound Effects, Misc. Voices

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