Latinos Out Loud

Rachel Strauss Muniz and Juan Bago

Latinos Out Loud
88 MIN2019 FEB. 28
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On the seventh episode of season five, Bago witnesses Rachel's UCB performance as the eggplant emoji, Frank and Bago go to the first Desus & Mero show and Rachel is reminded of her actions during her recent post-brunch intoxicated IG Live. 
On this week's “Bochinche Bites", Jaime dishes on Ja Rule's embarrassing halftime show, Khloe Kardashian potentially being the next Bachelorette, and Robert Kraft getting some illegal massages. 
On "Frankspiracy News", Frank talks about the dangers of GMO's.
The crew interviews Ruben Dario of Fuchila Fresheners about how he started creating Latino and pop culture air fresheners, bonding with Bago in L.A., and he also gives the crew samples of some of his best selling products!
The Que Lo Que Quickie is with Vanessa Erazo of CinelandiaUSA.com who describes to us her experiences writing about movies and television, the future of Latinos in mainstream film, and what Latino show she is watching right now.
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