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Mike and Tim Visit Earth

The Third Thing Network

Mike and Tim Visit Earth
65 min2017 NOV 9
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Episode 43.

A tear rolled down Mike's cheek as he gave himself permission to take in the shimmering beauty of what stood before him. Standing on the top of the mountain, freezing, he didn't care about the cold. There was never such a sight of splendor, and it seemed to him that it was the depth of this experience which touched his heart space that actually gave him warm sensations, keeping the freezing cold at bay. In fact, it was like he was seeing beauty itself for the first time. Is this what they talk about when we allow ourselves to feel the glory of what it means to be human? It was impossible. Astonishing. He was in a such a state of disbelief that the tears kept on rolling. There, right in front of him, was Tim. Shirtless. Ripped abdominals. Smiling. Happy. They were both happy...

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