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Mike and Tim Visit Earth

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Mike and Tim Visit Earth
71 min2017 OCT 11
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Episode 39.

At the culmination of much hard work and preparation - almost a year of diligent planning - Mike found himself running down the steps of the museum about as fast as he could without risking a fall, hyper aware of the importance of what he was carrying in his hands. He could hear the screech of tires as Tim whipped around the corner, arriving at their meeting point just in time. So far so good.

“We cool”? Tim asked calmly, as Mike slid into the back seat of the Jeep, keeping a close eye on what was behind them.

“No.” Mike said with a clear focus as he locked eyes with Tim, seeming to communicate something nonverbal which they both understood. “Someone knew we were coming.”

Tim nodded silently. He relaxed his shoulders and took a deep breath, then exhaled. It was always a pleasant surprise to realize how alive he felt during the worst of times. He was reminded of all the past adventures he and Mike had been through - the narrow escapes, and how easily either one of them could not have made it home without capture, or worse. But they always did, and they always came back for more. Luck was ALWAYS on their side.

“Time to dance.” Tim floored the Jeep.

Mike knocked out the back window with the end of his rifle, careful not to disturb the relic inside his pouch.

Almost immediately, what appeared to be a small army of vehicles came up quickly from behind and in front, blocking the Jeep at the nearest intersection.

“GO!” Mike yelled, handing the relic to Tim with the most delicate touch. Tim knew what this meant. He put it in a special container designed to ensure that if something did happen to the relic, it would remain intact. The container alone cost nearly $50,000, something Tim wasn't too happy about at the time, but now he knew it was the right choice - this wasn't going as well as he hoped. He cut the jeep and drove it directly into the nearest coffee shop, narrowly missing a few unsuspecting customers as glass blew everywhere. Screams erupted as Mike opened fire on the pursuing vehicles, a familiar tinge of guilt running up his spine as he connected with a few shots. 

And then it happened - a bullet screamed past Mike’s face, and then another striking him on the side of the head.

Tim, sticking to the plan, was already gone.

Enjoy the show!



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