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Mike and Tim Visit Earth

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Mike and Tim Visit Earth
92 min2017 OCT 26
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Ep 41.


So while we could talk all day long about how much fun it was to record with comedians Mike Feeney and Brendan Sagalow following an epic trip to inner space, there are more important issues at hand - such as the first approved very real fan fiction submission by supporter of the show, Shane R. So, without any further ado, here it is:

Mike and Tim Visit Earth Fan Fiction 

October 18, 2017 By: Shane R****                                                                                                                                                Chapter 1      Deep in the forests of a time long forgotten, a hooded man moved quietly through a misty twilit morning. For a long time all was quiet, but suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light paired with the crackle of electricity. The hooded man moved warily toward the sudden anomaly. A new man was seen face down, his neck kinked against a tree’s root and his arm twisted awkwardly underneath him.     As the hooded man reached the strange visitor, all he could hear were muffled sobs, murmurs of “I want to kill myself,” and what sounded like a single airy fart. The visitor was wearing a heather gray t-shirt and red heart boxers; somehow his pants were down to his ankles, perhaps explaining his less than graceful landing. Upon closer inspection the t-shirt was more of a kaleidoscopic tie-die of sweat stains than a single color, clearly the wearer was in bad shape.    “Deine Hoesen!” the hooded man shouted in a playful voice, not so much matching his knightly frame. “Ughh...Umphh....Fuck….” The visitor was finally stirring. Just in time too, the previously hooded man had disrobed down to a single pair of silky purple underwear, which just barely concealed his excitement. “Ooohhh Deine Hose ist runter du sexy Schlampe!” As the semi-nude man zeroed in on his ass, the visitor barrell rolled away in the knick of time. He quickly moved on the attack after pulling up his jeans, and with a single punch to the nose rendered his puzzling foe unconscious.    The visitor pulled out several syringes, and quickly injected the unconscious threat several times. “That better fucking stabilize him” he muttered as he took a generous swig of bourbon from a flask in his backpack. He then pulled out a tiny sharp device labeled “ENGLISH, AMERICAN” and stuck it behind the man’s head. “TIM!” yelled the visitor. “Mike?” Tim mumbled, my head is killing me! “Here, take this you faggot” Mike handed Tim a sky-blue headband that not only looked fabulous, it took the pain away like nothing else ever had. “I charged it with….love energy" Mike said as he quickly scrapped off a crusty flake from the fashion accessory.    “Ok man, while you were out I gave you some treatments, your hormones are going to stabilize  over the next 30 seconds, so I’m warning you tha-- Suddenly Tim turned a sickly green, projectile vomited and sprayed more shit out of his ass than a pissed off hippopotamus (seriously, YouTube that shit) before sprinting into a nearby stream and collapsing. Mike dragged Tim out, and did all of the difficult and unpleasant work of cleaning him up, drying him off and dressing him in new, warm, Lulu Lemon clothing he’d brought from the future. Mike would go on to receive seemingly zero benefit from these caring actions, but proved himself to be a key asset in Tim’s long journey. Secretly though he understood things differently and observed, and at this point in the story, is mostly dormant. Yet deep inside of a dark crevice within his being, something stirs that cannot be stopped.    As Tim came to, Mike said to him “we’ll deal with what just happened right now later, but now we have to move. Hopefully the memory serum worked, because if my information is correct you’re a different incarnation the soul that came into the 1980s New York time period with me in the form of Tim Rothschild. Tim stared blankly at Mike, a single tear streaming down his face. Without wasting any more time Mike locked arms with Tim, pointed a small device at them, and said “we’re going to Rainbow Road.” And with a flash they were flung through the fabric of the universe to their surreal destination.                                                          TO BE CONTINUED...  Enjoy the Show!!!