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Netflix and Grill

Michael Drysdale and Matt Lausch

Netflix and Grill
26 min2018 JUN 11
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In the latest episode of the Netflix and Grill podcast I was joined by my childhood friend and avid Netflix aficionado Braden Smith to talk about our significant soft spot for the new fab five. As Braden mentions in the ep, coming from two people who dislike reality TV as much as we do, the praise is significant, but also well earned.

This 2018 iteration of Queer Eye is transformative, not just for the men whose lives are being transformed on the screen, but for the millions of people watching it at home as well. Preconceptions, hard hearts and outdated beliefs are literally being transformed before our very eyes and not a moment too soon.

To hear us unpack all the fun and fabulousness make sure you tune in, this one you won't want to miss.