Not For Human Consumption

Matt, Jay, Dylan, and Dave

Not For Human Consumption
190 MIN2018 DIC. 18
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Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Coming at you at a gig a second! Allan gets sweatpants shamed right off the bat, Who wears sock holders in 2018?, Yelling and the reply of “what?/huh?”, 50% of the hosts played a live show this weekend for a good cause, 110 hours of NFHC CRAM STRAM! (twitch.tv/TotesAllan and twitch.tv/NFHCPodcast), Dave cried at a concert, Allan and Dave were on a very entertaining episode of The Altered Perspective, Gut rearrangements causing sciatica, Dylan brings surplus salt with him to Utah, Beaming out loads on The Enterprise, @WowHuellHowser from The Rich Dickman Show joins us to talk about the website saga, Glory holes, Lawyering and Dylan’s internship! We cover Pornhub’s “Year In Review” stats and learn what “dick robber” is,  “Avenging Allan Foster” moves onto “Captain America: The First Avenger”, We’ve ordered our copies of “Winner’s Drink!”, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring Yellah’s, Mouth guitar with lyrics, A near miss with a shotgun, A woman harassing a mail carrier, Post Anesthesia tit requests, A kid sees a bird, 30-second job pitch on CNN, The Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo can’t rap, and old-school WoW raid vent rage. “What Makes Dave Mad This Week” Featuring a “full JP round” and 1001 Nacht sex. Lastly, some high-quality voicemails. We close out this week with the track “Skylights” by Stellar Circuits. 

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Stellar Circuits

The Rich Dickman Show