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Obsessive Conversive


Obsessive Conversive
101 min2020 JUN 25
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Darren, little brown,  finally sat down with someone and did a podcast all by himself. It just so happens to be with one of the most hard hitting chess players you'll ever meet. A little bit about Darrens friend Rob:

Rob Fusco is a fan of brevity, so here's a brief bio:

He hates writing bios about himself because it feels solipsistic.

He's a self-proclaimed problem-solving personality with the track record to almost prove it.

He aspires to be a strength coach someday.

He is currently a licensed massage therapist who focuses on neuromuscular and myofascial modalities.

He rides his bike because Shawn Kingrey inspires him.

He carries his knife with him everywhere he goes because people are unpredictable and terrifying.

He looks goddamned ridiculous with that mustache. Why the FUCK does he have that mustache?

its not even a bad tash.. its fine honestly