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Obsessive Conversive


Obsessive Conversive
137 min2020 NOV 25
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A little on Erin: “If you can’t love your body AND the food you eat, then what’s the point?” Erin Blevins is the founder of shutupEAT, shutupWORK and a special project private gym owner in Salt Lake City. Her humble beginnings into food started in her youth as a reoccurring assistant to her highly decorated, chef-father. She found a natural way to blend her love of outdoor sports, training, and bikini wearing with baking, cooking, and enjoying delicious meals—by mastering techniques related to training and nutrition. Her skill as a personal chef and nutritional ninja have been used at the highest level, including the transformation of actor, Henry Cavill into Superman in DC Film’s blockbuster film, Justice League. She has cheffed for intensive team building retreats for the professional baseball team, the Atlanta Braves and provided nutrition coaching and cooking for the world’s best female downhill racers of Redbull’s Rampage. Her personal nutrition clients include: elite ultra-marathoners, professional downhill skiers, CrossFit athletes, MLB players, national weightlifters, Navy SEALs and other SOF members. As well, she has worked with clients suffering from autoimmune disorders and other degenerate maladies and those just looking to improve overall health and well-being. Her organic approach to coaching others into a positive self-image is through a special blend of hard physical training, intuitive tasty eating, and a wholesome love of adventure. Erin resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she works as a private chef, coach, and self-proclaimed bikini enthusiast.