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Obsessive Conversive


Obsessive Conversive
115 min2020 JUL 9
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I had the pleasure of talking to @gritandteeth yesterday on the podcast. Michael has a huge c.v. Of things he’s done, including coaching, writing , photography, hairdressing, makeup , competitive athlete. A confessed self loather (and closet optimist ) Michael has helped transform many peoples lives (including myself). Michael is a life long student of the human body, and to quote him :



“The one thread that binds them is not the muscles, heart or lungs, but the tissue in the skull. The ability to hone this is the feature that I care most about and want to share with my clients.”

Some notable people Michael has worked with are :


Man Of Steel: @henrycavill , Antje Traue, Michael Shannon, and stunt team

300: Rise Of An Empire: Sullivan Stapleton, Rodirigo Santoro, Callan Mulvey, Andrew Pleavin, and the entire stunt crew

Batman V. Superman: Henry Cavill

Justice League: Henry Cavill