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The RadioBastard Broadcasting Corporation

60 min2015 JUL 1
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Abducted and probed thoroughly and lovingly by aliens or rednecks, Jeremy and Jason made their escape after a month in captivity, their only motivation to go home and podcast for you fine people. So… here’s the RadioBastard Podcast, live (taped) and in living color (it’s audio).
On the show this time: Raptor Strike Force Bravo (Jurassic World), The Rock vs. Skyscrapers, depressing Disney cartoons, Jason shouts at SDCC attendees, and one more sexy primate.

* Can Ben Affleck direct a Batman solo film? Will James Franco be cast as Egghead? Tune in tomorrow… same bat-oh never mind.
* Chris Pine could be Hal Jordan and Tyrese Gibson could be better.
* There is a new Spider-Boy which is nice.
* Star Trek The Shit Out Of Those Stars moves closer to fruition, even though Simon Pegg keeps using the wrong title.
*  And on #TacoTalk: a booze pilfering raccoon, White Castle on wheels, and Fantastic Four and Terminator: Dreamcast get the theme food treatment they deserve (take that however you want.)

RadioBastard: We’re alive!