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85 MIN2017 JAN 16
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When Mark has a grand mal seizure at SXSW in downtown Ausitn, TX his life was forever changed. One moment all is normal, the next moment waking up on a gurney covered in blood and beginning his long no holds barred fist fight with Brain Cancer. 

Mark and Jeremie hunker down in a small hut on the beaches of Maui and dive deep into living with Terminal Brain Cancer. A love story worthy of the silver screen, contemplation of the realities of life and what comes after death, and of course music. Mark is a prolific music critic and blogger. While recounting his life pre and post cancer he weaves in and out of his favourite songs of the time. 

Music credit: 

War On Drugs - I Was There 

Beach House - Irene

Noname - Bye Bye Baby

Marks music blog can be found at http://yvynyl.com/. If you're looking for some new jams to add to your library we highly suggest you hop over to take a look!

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