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The Sammster Show

The Sammster

The Sammster Show
49 MIN2019 FEB 5
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The Sammster Show Episode #2: Oscar 'Kedos' is now here!

Oscar is a 16 year old Sixth Form student who wants to be a historian but aims to go to Mars or Venus!

Oscar has a passion for 80s disco music, 70s disco music... all disco music actually! If there's a disco Oscar is there! He even did a Michael Jackson rendition for us on the show!

Oscar then moved on to get suspiciously defensive about his ownership of a blankie which he "doesn't use anymore..." We heard about his dark past of being accidentally homophobic to a French couple as a child and then having karma strike back in the form of a lampost KO!

We talked about much more: suncream assault, teenage trackers, saying things to teachers you probably shouldn't and eating glue sticks and play-doh.

Then Oscar started defending teachers. We finished the show shortly after...

Normally this is where I would release the weekly email topic, but instead it's time for you to enter the launch competition which will be running February 28th 11:59pm! REVIEWS... REVIEWS... oh yeh... and then some more REVIEWS! These are so key for the show. I'm giving away 2x £50 Amazon vouchers: one for the best iTunes review of the show and the other for the person who can get the show the show the most reviews! The show's still very small so you have a very good chance of winning... just drop the usernames you left the reviews under or a screenshot of them on an email to contact@sammster.com and I'll make sure I give you credit on the show if you want that and defiently add you to the competition! 

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