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The Sammster Show

The Sammster

The Sammster Show
75 MIN2019 FEB 5
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On Episode #3 of The Sammster Show: Bryan 'Lacey Knickers' joint me to go for a bumpy trip down memory lane. He didn't want to. He resisted. But I dragged him along nonetheless, and found out why he didn't want to go back to growing up in the 80s...

Bryan Lacey is a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) commentator, stand up comedian and podcaster. I first met Bryan when I used to make a weekly appearance on his and Christian O'Connell's weekly MMA and boxing podcast. Bryan hasn't only been a commentator of the sport, but the cage doors shut behind him once, when he was on a TV program called 'Wimp 2 Warrior', where people are taken with little/ no fighting background and in 6 months are trained to compete in an MMA fight.

We talked male grooming advice where Bryan starting begging me for a weekly feature on eyebrow tips. Then it we went deep into our childhoods talking bulldog, daredevils, yo mumma jokes, Mum bribes, school dinners and Nan cakes!

Bryan went deep on success and wowed me when he started talking about how to be successful aka. happy in life. Then we finished up talking about assaulting sweet teachers.

What a bumpy ride it was for Episode #3 of The Sammster Show!

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