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The Sammster Show

The Sammster

The Sammster Show
85 MIN2019 FEB 11
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On this episode I start by revealing what nobody is doing in the reviews competition and how you can EASILY win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers!

To enter the review competition to win upto £100 in Amazon vouchers leave a review for The Sammster Show on iTunes. There's a £50 voucher for the best iTunes review and another £50 voucher for the person who can get the most reviews on iTunes! Just drop me a line to contact@sammster.com with the screenshot of the review or the username you left it under! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-4-craig-blueberry-muffins/id1450683217?i=1000429192136&mt=2 …

Episode #5 of The Sammster Show is now here where 18 year old trainee account, Jacob, joint me. I’ve known Jacob for about 10 years now from the football fields of primary school, to the bus of secondary school to our 2 failed recordings on my podcast. This one was almost a 3rd fail... but don’t you worry I wouldn’t dare remove the outtakes like I promised Jacob I would!

We talked about my Mum forcing me to wear silver shades while playing the lethal game of Nerf and we also talked about a kid who went to our old school who's now on a school "dumping on the stairs" tour! It was my birthday a few days ago, so I had no choice but to recite what happened. All I will say is my computer was broken, I was almost expelled and remained sober!

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