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Thomas & Way Podcast

Tony Way

Thomas & Way Podcast
57 min2013 MAR 26
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Hello! Here we are again with podcast #15

In this one we move inside from the Mini to Rhys' kitchen where we have a few beers and look at and talk about...

This Rambo badge...

This fan art from @scallyg...

And this phallic toothbrush...

We also chat about many topics including - Rhys' BAFTA nomination, online scratch cards, BBC TVC's closure.

We also answer your Twitter questions.

If you want to ask us something we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.

You can now also email us anytime. Send all email to thomasandway@gmail.com

We also recorded podcast #16 directly after this one, so that should be up here very soon. Enjoy!

Tony X