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Trolly's Podcast Project


Trolly's Podcast Project
24 MIN2007 APR 21
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Firstly we must begin with an apology. Due to the fact that my computer has broken this months podcast is a day late. We are truly sorry. However, its here now and back with a fantastic array of comic delights to feed your yearning bellies with. James Cole makes a long awaited return, we read YOUR horoscopes. Rich sings for us and we sing a song about diamonds. Meet Hettie Betty for the 1st time, I take a look at your emails, Rich and Nick both have adventures, the Queen makes a long awaited appearance and we delve into Trolly's tangelible teasers. Not to mention lots more awaits you. Once again our most humble apologies and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we do making it for you. Trolly, Nick and Rich (With James and Charles as well).