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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast

Seth Geko

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast
73 minSEP 5
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R.I.P. Michi Calhoun, aka the original W(S)P mascot and greatest German Shepherd who ever lived. We're going deep again, homies.  Grab your scuba gear.  It's the W(S)P State of the Union address on this episode.  I'm discussing all of the difficult world issues from the BLM movement to world wide sex trafficking to the divisive media coverage to all sorts of gum bumping. I finish up with some brief fight talk and this weekend's Overeem vs. Saki card. Come rock with your boy Moody Hank; I'm not going anywhere, hawmies.  The W(S)P, If We Don't Got It, You Don't Want It.
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