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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast

Seth Geko

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast
75 minOCT 8
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It's that time again; World Premier time.  That new Seth Geko banger "Today I Got Time" is now live. I'm celebrating the newest release with a plethora, a smorgasbord of world class ish talking.  On today's show, the bill collectors are knocking down my front door.  My gums have been bumping a lot of checks and it's time to pay up.  I talk the epic failure that is the Dallas Cowboys, our fatter, less ginger Jason Garrett head coach, the Lakers are trying to Debo me, and Paulo Costa is the DBoys of MMA. Also, I once again call up the W(S)P Stan, Bautista, for his takes on my DBoys, the renaissance that LA sports is enjoying, the Bubble Participation medal the Lakers are on the verge of winning, and of course there's plenty of miscellaneous yip yappin.  Hop your ass on Spotify and give your boy Moody Hank a pity play... or two.
"Today I Got Time"
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The W(S)P official playlist on Spotify: "That Ol' Dope Shit" 
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