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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast

Seth Geko

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast
84 minOCT 17
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The W(S)P is right back in this b!#ch! On today's show I'm giving the State of the DBoys address,  The Red Rifle takes over for Dak, the Lakers win a Boy Scouts survival patch, The Dodgers choke once again, fight talk Ortega vs The Korean Zombie, Marlon Moraes gets his cheeks clapped, the NFL week six golden picks are in, the W(S)P Nuthugger Extraordinaire Bautista returns and tries to convince himself the Lakers won an actual, real world title, we make our early Khabib vs. Gaethje and Poirier vs. McGregor 2 picks, and as per W(S)P directive number one, all kinds of miscellaneous, gratuitous gum bumping. Rate or Die.  Hit five stars on iTunes, and hit the Spotify link and bump that new Geko ish. 
"Today I Got Time"
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