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8 min2015 JUL 11
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In this segment we take a look at two new education technology resources we discovered in the exhibit hall at ISTEFollow: @bradmcurrie @wkrakower @ScottRRocco @bamradionetworkJulie Sweeney does global teacher outreach for Edcite, she taught middleschool English and Social Studies and lives in Ireland. Talia Arbit was a former science teacher, teaching high school biology and EP environmental science and is product strategist at Edcite. Drew Minock, Daquiri, is an education evangelist co-host and Two Guys Show. Hosts: Billy Krakower is a co-moderator and is a Computer & Resource Reading Room Teacher in Woodland Park, N.J. Susan M. Bearden is the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne and host and moderator of edtechchat.