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Second Rail Education Podcast

Second Rail

Second Rail Education Podcast
52 min2020 NOV 12
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Distance learning is an even more radical shift for international students. Moving abroad and holing up means a new generation of university students begin their higher education with zero campus life. Stale debates about online learning’s efficacy have been replaced by practical discussions about implementing and improving the online experience. Higher education remains a main attraction in the US for international students. The pandemic will almost certainly change that forever. This is an interview with international student from China, Edward Xue. Edward came from Shanghai to Atlanta and experienced a full dose of campus learning and distance learning in less than a year. What does distance learning mean for students with little or no campus experience? Host John Heintz talks with Edward about a full range of issues: the experience of moving abroad for a remote college experience, not only learning online but socializing and building friendships online, how universities are seeking to replicate the campus experience online, the relative importance of campus life in the total value offered through university education, the role of gumption in success online, the unique study space needs of online college students, the challenges of being separated not only from families abroad but peers on campus, time management challenges, living abroad in unknown cities and neighborhoods, long term planning and short term expectations, the impact of international relations on learning and the pandemic’s effect on the vision, hopes and dreams of new university learners.