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The College Prep Podcast

Megan Dorsey & Gretchen Wegner

The College Prep Podcast
--2020 OCT 12
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One of the most time consuming activities for students is reading!

Tune in to discover simple tips for reading faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible.

* The section of the book readers usually skip (but shouldn’t)* How to skim for the structure of the information so you remember the main points* How to find secret clues inside the chapter that will allow you to quickly identify main ideas* How to use your hand while you read to help you read faster* How to annotate a nonfiction text (it’s not what your teacher taught you!)* and more.

If you’d like to check out the original video 4-part series that this podcast is based on, check out Part OnePart TwoPart Three and Part Four of How to Read a 400 Page Book in Under Two Hours.Audio Player

This podcast originally aired on January 16, 2017.